History and Milestones


birth of Shri Raghuvir Prasad Agarwal in haryana


left studies after passing 8th standard and went to assam with his maternal uncles to learn their trade. With his acumen and salesmanship he increased their sales every month. He started learning tricks of the trade , he used to travel with goods in a bullock cart and displayed various wares in the flea market (haat) in and around villages.


Meanwhile a grain consignment from native Haryana got stuck in calcutta. He was asked by his elders in haryana to report from calcutta. He, alongwith his elders started cloth selling by displaying his stock by setting shop outside doors of closed (bandh) offices. Everyday he used to carry the goods on his shoulders from his rented quarters.


bought 1st shop in budda bajaar of calcutta. Expanded to 5 shops by 1955 being the sole decision maker of the organisation and entrusted all family members with managing the shops.


came to Bombay and opened a sourcing office to supply these shops.


1960 june:

due to split of elders of the family, bought one shop in calcutta and opened a seperate buying office in ahmedabad.


started buying raw cloth and got it processed into fabric from contract manufacturers.


started weaving in an estate with 16 looms to commence backward integration.


started Kashiram Textiles Unit -1 in Rakhial for textile processing.


expanded to Unit – 2 in Narol.


eldest son Shri Kamlesh Agarwal joined the business to train under the guidance of the founder.


took over the interest of shodhan group in the loss making silver cotton mills pvt ltd which consisted of 37000 spinning spindles and 546 weaving looms and turned it around in a profit making concern in one year.

1982 june:

shri raghuvir in a family arrangement with his 2 brothers and took control of Unit 1 and renamed it as Raghuvir Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. And set up office at 216, new cloth market, the largest wholesale cloth market of Asia. & started indirect exporting of fabric and bedsets through merchant exporters.

1983 feb:

as domestic and export sales were booming, he took over the interest of duggar group in the sagar textile mills pvt ltd, a sick processing unit, to add capacity of processing.


Shri Sunil Agarwal, the second son, started taking active role in the business after graduation.


shri girish agarwal, was inducted into the business to comission ferro alloy unit raghuvir ferro alloy pvt ltd in present day raipur in chattisgarh


raghuvir exim pvt ltd was set up as a subsidiary of raghuvir synthetics pvt ltd to focus on direct exports.


the group recorded a consolidated turnover of 88 crores.

1992 :

Went public with IPO on BSE and ASE.


upgraded to wide width fabric processing.


complete state of art technology up gradation gave the group an technical edge over competitors.


the 3rd generation of the family took over the export side of the business which was directly dependent on sourcing from the manufacturing set up and opened the usa market.


having passed over the baton to the young generation, the founder passed away peacefully.

2011 :

export turnover crossed 100 crores & Later in June that year the 2nd generation split up and Mr. Girish Agarwal set up Raghuvir Lifestyle Pvt. ltd. From scratch and having spent his formative and constructive years in leading the steel, weaving and export segments of the business he built the vision and roadmap for the future.

2012 :

a technologically advanced manufacturing unit was set up in Narol and the brand Uber Urban was founded.

2014 :

currently the company is present in the domestic as well as export market. The management is filled with professionals who are expert in their respective fields.