Production Preparation

First of all, the samples are made in the sampling department, after a sample has been approved; the pattern of the Garment is made on CAD which we have procured from TUKA. From CAD, we insert all measurements, grading, seam allowance and fabric shrinkage. The patterns are then set in a computerized marker which helps in controlling consumption, wastage and improves efficiency. After all permutation and combinations of setting up a marker, the market is plotted on Paper via a Pen Plotter.


The Fabric layers are set as per the marker length defined by the CAD. After the layer has been set, the Marker paper from the plotter is laid over the Layer and the fabric is cut. This is followed by Numbering & Stickering of the parts in order to maintain uniform shade in one Garment


All Cut Pieces are assembled together in the stitching division. Here we have State of the Art machines which include Pneumatic Feed of the Arm Machines, Single Needle and Double Needle Lockstitch Machines with Under Bed Trimmer to automatically cut the thread, lopp making and belt attaching machine, Back Pocket Designing Machine, Pneumatic Eyelet Machine, Barteck Machine. These modernized machines have decreased alter percentage to only 1% so as to maintain a good quality and speedy delivery.

Quality Checking

In our Quality Checking Department, specially trained people check each garment that is being produced. Any defects if found is repaired or rejected. Only 100% quality goods are sent for washing.


Home Textile

In Home textile, the production process is simpler compared to garmnents, here the fabric is stacked in layers and then cut and issued for stitching. In stitching we use the latest machines which are equiped with Under Bed Trimmer, Innovative Zipper Locking Machine, and Computerised Button hole & Stitch machine. In order to mantain unifrom stitching, we use the right spare parts and attachments such as folders and guides which mantains eqilibrium during stitching. The stitching process consists of Hemming, Zipper Attaching and Side Sealing. we strive to mantain the highest quality standards, each piece is hand checked and then it is packed. Our goods are 100% Stain free and free from stitching, printing and weaving defects in order to keep the consumer happy in terms of quality.